Friday, September 6, 2013

It takes a Village.......

......for me to possibly change my mind on Syria, so implies Tammy "the whammy" Bruce in her latest tweet. Tammy, ever a person of deep conviction, and stalwart conservatism, has firmly stated that any action in Syria is wrong, wrong, wrong.  And yet, news that al-Qaeda forces have entered a Christian, Aramaic speaking village, has Tam-Tam is ever so concerned.  Given her history and histrionics, one can't help but wonder if she would now consider going into Syria because: CHRIST TALKERS!  It's once again, a cynical concern troll tactic.  By tweeting such a 'concern' laden declarative, is Bruce now saying Obama should intervene?  If so, why is this incident worthy of note?  On Syria, Bruce has been silent for the most part (except when using it to harangue Pres. Obama), yet this bothers her?  Of course, the answer is clear and it should serve as proof that when it comes to principles, Tammy has more holes than Swiss cheese.

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