Thursday, September 5, 2013

Profit, not Prophet

Oh Tammy, what would we do without you surreptitious tweets?  Tammy "the whammy" Bruce, a woman who truly does exemplify a woman who is truly angry at not having a penis, is not happy with the President or some in her own party......whatever shall she do? Tweet her witty yet impotent rage at BO (using the President's initial as a double entendre.....aren't you a clever little girl), McCain and Lindsey Graham.  Of course, it's all the rage to rage against Pres. Obama's plan to hold Pres. Assad of Syria to account for his crimes against the Syrian people.  It's pure theatrics on her part.  She cares not a fuck for the innocents in Syria and she certainly could care less if more people die.  Why? Because they're not Americans, Christians or Jews and, more importantly, no money to be made.  Like Donald Trump, Bruce is all about the money and/or oil.  Classy as always.

Original tweet:

BO......I saw what you did there Tammy.....ever so classy.

end of line.......

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