Friday, September 6, 2013

If it's not's crrrap!

Well, that's a sentiment Brian "brownshirt" Brown would not necessarily share these days.  He's all a twitter about the Scottish Parliament "re-defining" marriage.  Of course, they're doing no such thing but hey, anything to make a buck.  His tweet is so banal and repetitive.......we've heard this line time and time again. It comes complete with dire warnings of men marrying dogs, women have relations with corpses and, of course, pedophilia........Brown is fixated on sex with children......not sure what that's all about but he is Catholic so..........
Anyway, here's Brian being ever so upset that Scotland, a nation that has spent a year debating, discussing and talking about Marriage Equality, is "fast tracking" a bill to make same-sex marriage legal. Brown has been fighting this losing fight for years, constantly warning "the sky will fall, the sky will fall" and as always, he's proven wrong.  Truth is, all of his protestations, all of his whines, all of his dubious cluck-cluck-cluckings like chicken little are about money.  He's in it for the cash and, sadly, many people, not knowing any better, will blindly hand it over to him.  Brian, as the Scots are proud of saying to such charlatans as you: GET STUFFED!

Original tweet:


I need money.......because I'll be out of job soon.

end of line.......

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