Saturday, September 7, 2013

I'm not a racist but.........

.....except yes, yes you are, especially if you're the Donald.  Donald Trump, a man who fancies himself a modern Horatio Alger, is whining ever so about being called a racist.....or more to the point, he laments the notion that everyone who criticizes President Obama is a racist. But they're not all racists and, as far as anyone can tell, no one has made that assertion.  Has Trump been accused of it? yes and deservedly so. Unlike others who have legitimate criticisms of President Obama, Trump has centered most of his attacks using racist tactics such as: questioning his birth certificate (something no President before has ever had to endure), his nation of birth, his religion and his loyalty.  These attacks are blatantly race based and the Donald knows it.  He further suggests, rather clumsily, that it is the progressives or liberals who are, in fact, the racists......offering nothing more than blather as proof.  So, by all means Donald, couch your disdain and racial bias in lamentations and  protestations but please, do not insult our intelligence by trying convince us otherwise.

Original tweet:


Oh rascally racist you.

end of line......

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