Saturday, September 7, 2013

Can you feel the Christian love?

It's a fair question to ask, especially of Tony Perkins.  Perkins, ever ready to play the victim, has a plea for the Churches (read Christian Evangelicals) regarding Syria.  It's a simple request that speaks volumes to his bigotry and religious proclivities. In his latest tweet regarding the horror that is occurring in that middle eastern country, Perkins decries the need for help and assistance to the innocents caught in harms way......with one caveat, they must be Christians.  That's right, for Perkins, the only people worth helping and, ultimately, saving are Christians and only Christians.  Who cares about the Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and minority Sunni's, they don't matter, they're "the Other."  You see that a lot with Perkins, be it on LGBT or minority issues, if they ain't straight Christians, they ain't worth helping/saving.  At which point we again ask, can you feel the Christian love?  Fact of the matter is, Perkins is a Christian Dominionist disguised as a somewhat mainstream, run of the mill, Christian pundit.  The tweet itself is rather mundane but, look closer and you get the message loud and clear........and it's not pretty.

Original tweet:


Yup...I can feel it.....and it burns.

end of line.......

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