Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I left the cake out in the bigotry...........

Sometimes, people take their martyrdom and persecution complexes far too seriously; to wit, the case of 'Sweet Cakes by Melissa' of Oregon.  The bakery in question was asked to bake a cake for the wedding of a lesbian couple but refused to do so.  Their reason: they felt that baking a cake would, and I quote, "violate our sincerely held religious beliefs."  That's right, baking a cake is now an act of religious expression....who knew?  Anyway, the refusal resulted in a lawsuit.  The case was argued on the idea that, any business, that caters to the public,  should be able to 'discriminate' on the basis of religious beliefs.  On it's face, based on the 1st amendment, this would appear to be a reasonable stance.......uh, no.  The problem with the case was glaring, as was the potential fall out.  The bakery was a public business, this is an important distinction because it means it does not come under the same protections afforded a religious institution (Church, Synagogue, Mosque).  Further, Oregon has  non-discrimination laws enacted in regarding public businesses. It's a molehill that found itself a mountain, all because some 'people of faith' wanted to hate their fellow man......or women as this case would be.  Of course, the Bakery lost their case...cue wails of religious persecution and freedoms denied.  It was a black and white case, one that re-affirmed that, if you have a public business, you can't pick and choose who to serve.  

TANGENT: for a moment, let's consider the bakery had won the case.  Now, let's juxtapose the participants.  A gay wedding planner refuses service to a Christian couple on the grounds that, as Christians, they are part of a cult bent on causing harm to LGBT people everywhere.  The incredulous howls would be deafening......as they should be. 

Now, given the reality of the world they live in, the Bakery chose to close rather than continue serving the public.....because THE GAYS!!!  Of course, not ones to let a good martyrdom/victim ploy go to waste, Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer and Matt "Bam-Bam" Barber came to call....or tweet as it were.  Here we see the two men tweeting their utter shock, sorrow and, of course, get their digs in as well.  They, like the Bakery and their supporters, forget the one salient reality of the 1st Amendment: Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequence.  No one forced them to close, they chose to close....period.

Original tweets:


Scalp?!? really Bryan......not at all racist are you? 


Gaystapo LOLZ.....first, we're too femme and girly to fight but somehow we are also Uber-Nazi's......oh do make up you scatterbrained mind.

end of line......

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