Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Godwin's law being what it is, count on  Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer to find ways to not only confirm it, but to excel at breaking it.  In this gem, he doesn't even try to be nuanced, he goes straight for the stupid. For those who may have been unaware, there was once this guy name Adolph Hitler......a rather dour chap who had this thing about Jews, Gays, Roma, intellectuals and the occasional Christian.......suffice to say, he didn't play well with "the Other".   Now, being who he was, many Christians and P.O.F. (People of Faith) love to deny he was ever "one of theirs" and further, do everything they can to promote the idea he was either: Gay, Gay and Catholic (apparently Catholics aren't Christian), an atheist, a Bolshevik, a communist (tell that to Stalin), etc.  The point being, he was anything but a Christian......and yet, as history tells us; he was raised Catholic and was Jewish (on his mother's side), went to a Christian school and was an active member of his church.  It was only later in life that he developed a taste for the occult, specifically the pagan myths of a master race and supernatural power(s).  Before we go further, for your edification, the definition of religion is:

The belief in and worship of a superhuman/supernatural controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods.

Take note of the inclusion of the word supernatural. Yet, during his time as leader of Germany and perpetrator of the one the greatest crimes against humanity ever undertaken, he remained strongly linked to the Christian church.  This is borne out by one of his most ardent rationalizations for the final solution: The Jews were responsible for the death of Christ so they in turn must die.  It was and is a shockingly simplistic and barbaric worldview, one brought about by a twisted understanding of Christianity......and there's the rub. For who decides who is Christian?

Consider the case of the second individual mentioned in the tweet, that being Timothy McVeigh.  Again, a refresher:  McVeigh was an ardent supporter of Terry Nichols, a survivalist nutcase who constantly saw governments as evil and in need of overthrowing.  It was in this shadow world of uber-patriotism and faith that McVeigh would come to perpetrate one of the most vile acts of terrorism in U.S. history: the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.  His reasons given: revenge for the Waco, Texas stand off between FBI/ATF and the Branch Davidians (a Cult of personality with strong Christian ideals. Their leader David Koresh believed himself a Messiah)., as well as the incident at Ruby Ridge.  In his writings as well as his own recordings, McVeigh made it clear that he was acting for God and country and that he was a warrior for Christ.  He identified himself as a Christian.  Again, the question must be asked: who decides who is Christian?

It's a difficult question that has no correct answer but, one thing can be counted on; when those who cause such violence and evil in the world identify themselves as Christians or with Christianity, others will disavow them as surely as Peter denying Christ 3 times on the night of His arrest in Gethsemane.  The point of the tweet is an attempt at distancing Fischer and his brand of gay hate and misogyny from what these other Christian men did.  It's a cynical and dishonest game he's playing but the TTM isn't having it.....

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