Thursday, September 19, 2013

Damn those atheists!!!!

Ok, this particular tweet will not be 'translated' because it's just so perfect on its own.  Here we have a tweet reply by Peter "Porno Pete" Labarera to the amazing Joe Jervis of JoeMyGod.  First, the story: a town in Buybull Belt, Butt Fuck 'Murika, decided that: because an atheist group was exercising their free speech rights by putting up a billboard about atheism, no religious or atheist billboards would be permitted to be erected within the town limits. Here's the offending billboard layout:

Now, stop for a minute.  Re-read that if you must.  Instead of allowing a billboard that merely acknowledges atheism, the town decided to ban all billboards of a religious or non-religious nature.  Which brings us back to the tweet reply by Peter.  What makes it so deliciously moronic on its own is that he blames atheists for somehow denying religious expression because the townsfolk are so petulant that, instead of sharing ideas, they would simply take away everyone's right to free speech.  The cognitive dissonance of this particular tweet is so astoundingly spectacular that the TTM felt is spoke volumes on its own.

Original tweet:

Oh Peter, how you entertain us.

end of line......

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