Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cognitive dissonance, line 2.........

Ok, we're not sure what Peter "Porno Pete" LaBabera is smoking or injecting but, whatever it is, he needs to stop.  This tweet by Porno Pete is so beyond strange that it took the TTM a couple of good head shakes to figure it out.  In a display of cognitive dissonance not seen since, well the earlier tweet by the Donald, LaBabera somehow equates the obviousness of being black with the completely non-obviousness of being gay.  Apparently, Peter is under the impression that people can't tell if someone is black and that a special magazine issue should be dedicated to telling people who the blacks are. What makes this bizarre tweet all the more 'unique' is that LaBabera thinks he's being clever when in fact he's just being petulant and ignorant. It's a tantrum being played out as bad satire; it fails miserably.  No Peter, black and gay are different but, then again, perhaps your bigotry is not just confined to homosexuals.

Original tweet:


end of line......

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