Monday, September 9, 2013

...but don't call us bigots.....

Well now, today's right-wing twitterverse seems to be all about the GAY today.  On top of that, it would appear that two particular participants seem extra douchey; but, before we get to them, we have to share this little tidbit of tawdry twaddle.  Brian 'brownshirt' Brown, ever the obedient and dick licking Catholic, tweets a quote by one Bishop Paprocki.  In the tweet, the good Bishop laments that Catholics like himself and Brown are being 'boxed in" by critics as being bigots.  Shocking, I know.  How could anyone ever consider religious zealots like the Catholic Church and its followers as bigots......what could possibly make people think that? Could it be the past 2000 years of vilification, inquisitions and murders of LGBT people? Oh, it couldn't be that....could it?  Blinders boys, may want to take them off before protesting the label being placed on you.  Fact is, you are bigots.  That you don't like it is irrelevant to the facts of history. What makes this tweet all the more galling is that it comes from a Bishop of the Catholic Church, or as it is now known among freethinking people, Child Rape Incorporated.  The TTM's disgust is on full and translates the tweet with aplomb.

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