Monday, September 9, 2013

Let's talk about sex......

Oh let's!  Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer is at it again and this time, he's decided to play fast and loose with the truth.......I know, Fischer and truth in the same sentence, it does make one laugh.  In the following tweet, Fischer declares emphatically that most teens are not promiscuous......or sluts as he would normally label them.  Using a dubious 'study' of a voluntary online survey of incoming students in which the results were published and 'analyzed' by the Blaze (a dubious publication in its own right), Fischer disseminates the results as being positive proof that most teens are virgins when they enter college.  The TTM doesn't doubt it's possible but, upon closer inspection, some interesting facts creep through which may turn out to be less than appealing to Fischer.  You see, Bryan is a big proponent of private schools as he believes public schools are bastions of unbridled teen sex......yet, if the study he is now touting is accurate, he's going to have to rationalize the results showing that 40% of those who admit to having sex before College were private school students.  40% is not a majority but it's not an insignificant number either. On top of that, does anyone not think that maybe, just maybe, some of those who did the survey lied themselves.  Point being, his tweet implies that this one study proves to be the rule......which, of course, it doesn't.  Further, he pompously declares, as if by fiat, that studies showing teens have sex before College is a "LIE", yet, according to this study, at least 35% do......some much for a "LIE".  No, the only lie here is Fischer's chortling that "not ALL teens" have sex before College......something no one has ever claimed.  It's a bit sophistry but not at all unexpected from Fischer.

Original tweet:


Not ALL teens...but at least 35%

end of line.....

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