Friday, August 30, 2013

Sarah! Syriassly?

Oh Sarah......Yup, the 'quitter on twitter' is going all righteous and pious over the possible U.S. interceding in the Syrian civil war because Pres. Assad used the very same Sarin gas sold to him by the west.......isn't hypocrisy and duplicity fun?  Anyway, along comes the Wassila Wonder with her ever so clever, but as always not quite truthful, jab at Pres. Obama.  This time, she laments and asks the President to offer justification for the attack. Oh honey, he's been taking his time and will be talking to congress today....the same can't be said of you know who. Now, let's point out that the case for Syria is murky, no one of reason would deny that but, and this can't be ignored, there's indeed evidence to back up the administration's assertions. The same could not be said of a couple of other wars by another President who, as it turns out, doesn't really least not in the republican party.  Funny that.  George W. Bush started wars with blatant lies and manufactured evidence and he gets a pass from Palin et al.....but not the black guy, oh no, he's guilty of BWP (Black While President).  The TTM knows that it's not entirely about race but, as Ru-Paul might say: BITCH PLEASE! Palin's cognitive dissonance is, as always, staggering.

TTM, do your thing.....

Original tweet:


Yes, unlike his predecessor, he's planning to show you the bodies.

end of line......

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