Friday, August 30, 2013

Oh're infected as well?

Sadly, yes, yes we are.  Like other nations in the west, we here in Canada also have our own crop of conservatives of questionable principles and intelligence.  In this case, permit us to introduce one of the most smarmy, self-congratulating pieces of right wing work you'll ever encounter: Ezra "Yelling wins arguments" Levant.  Levant is a conservative talking head on the SUN News Network, also known as FOX News North.....different side of the same coin.  Levant first came to prominence with his publication of the dubious 'Western Standard', and by publication, we mean self-promoting rag.  That's not to say it didn't, on those rare of occasions, have some good articles but, as is wont with these kinds of far right 'zines, they crossed the lines of fairness and basic human decency.  NOTE: the TTM is well aware of similar such extreme 'zines on the far left as deny that would be dishonest. In the case of the Western Standard, Levant and his crew began publishing articles on Islam that, on their face seemed fair but, upon examination, it became clear that there was malice for the sake of such, he was brought before the Human Rights Commission for violating the hate speech clause of the Human Rights Act.  Now, one could argue, as Levant did, that free speech should be unfettered except......Levant is also the same guy who believes anyone who speaks against Israel is automatically an much for free speech.  Further, he and SUN News are notorious for being anti-equality, anti-immigrant, well, you get the point.  Now, for the tweet that caught the eye of the TTM.  It deals with the idea that, because a large number of Alpacas died from freezing to death in a Peruvian winter, global warming or, more accurately, climate change is a hoax. He doesn't blatantly say it, but please, who's he kidding? Because of one, solitary event, all science is discounted because 'WINTER' it does every year.  What makes this tweet all the more dubious is it's linked origin, that being the ever so conservative and almost always wrong 'Drudge Report'.  Look Ezra, we all know you secretly have a PhD in climatology, how else to explain your assertion that climate change isn't real based a singular event.  Truth be told, Levant like Drudge and others, facts are not a priority with these pundits.  It's all about being angry.....just angry.  Sad really because, if Levant could only remove the metaphorical cork out of his ass, he might feel so much better.

Well, that was a long one........

Original tweet:


Yup, one event proves all science wrong....NOT

end of line......

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