Friday, August 30, 2013

Yes.....roll back the clock......

Poor Brian 'brownshirt' Brown.  He's got himself a bad case of the WHAAAS!.  Apparently, Brian sees treating all people as, well, not the same. In a post on his NOM website, Brown laments the imminent passage of SB 323, the anti-discrimination law that basically put, no longer allows LGBT citizens to be denied many rights, responsibilities and liberties.....because 'the pervs' aren't really people.  It's a not too subtle panic attack money beg, nothing more.  Consider that all the bill says is: you can't fire someone for being gay, deny them housing, etc......but NYET! says's really a secret gay agenda ploy to put orphanages and charities out of business.  Really?  These supposed laudable organizations would rather close shop then, GASP, have a queer on staff.  Talk about having one's priorities in order.  It a weak sucker punch that lands not at all. The shame of it is, the only people who will really suffer will be the kids and families NOM so champions.  Better to cease all services than let even one gay person be treated with dignity and respect.  I believe the word you're looking for is: DISGUSTING.

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