Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hey, they said Romney would win....., obviously, we need to take the latest Rasmussen Poll on race relations as 'gospel' truth and accurate beyond reproach.  Bryan 'Lyin' Fissure' Fischer just tweeted about the latest Rasmussen Poll which, for Bryan's purposes, suits him just fine.  The poll deals with asking registered voters about how they feel regarding race relations over the past 50 years and, as an added bonus, how it's been since Pres. Obama was elected.  Now, to understand why this poll, or any poll by Rasmussen, should be taken with a grain of salt is painfully simple; it's because they make stuff up and skew the results.  A quick refresher: While Nate Silver was using math and actual facts to determine who would win the Presidency,  Rasmussen, using land lines and right-wing linked sites for polling, declared rather forcefully that; not only was Silver wrong, but they were right.....100%......except they weren't.  As history shows, Obama won handily against Romney....the numbers, they do not lie, but the guys figuring them do and did.  Which brings us back to today's tweet by Fischer.  A tweet in which he argues, shows that Barrack Obama is the reason for race relations being so poor when they should, in fact, be better......and the thing is, he's right, at least partly.  The problem with Fischer, Rasmussen and the right wing in America is that it's they who are causing the racial rift.  It's their continued bias against a black man as president that is causing the race relations conflict.  From day one, Obama has endured Tea Party attacks on his character, race, lineage, birth and all sorts of other indignities. Is it really any wonder why many may look at those actions and not lament how little has in fact changed since that day so long ago in Washington D.C.  The truth will set you free, so the saying goes.  It's a shame that many in America refuse to accept the truth that, like or not, a black man is the president and, whether you agree with him or not, he is due the respect deserved of a man who embodies Dr. King's aspirations.

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Now, now Bryan, sour grapes make for a pouty face.

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