Thursday, August 29, 2013

Is it BSA or just BS?

Lordy that Bryan 'lyin' fissure' Fischer is busy today.  No sooner was TTM going to shut down for a breather, along comes another dubious tweet to brighten up the day.  This one is an interesting one because it deals with all the hot button issues the right wing love: sex, gays, boys, pedophiles and scandal.  Let's first begin by understanding the one fact of pedophiles that constantly seems lost or, more accurately, brushed aside by the like of Mr. Fischer; that being that the vast majority, some studies say 98%, of pedophiles are heterosexual.  Of course, Fischer and others on the right try to deny this and state that, because the 'act' was homosexual, the perpetrator must be homosexual as well.  If that's true then every convict in prison is a queer and, as most people of rational thought will tell, that ain't the case at all.  You see, that's where the disconnect is.  For the right, everything is black or white, yes or no, there is no room for nuance, subtly or basic psychological understanding.  No, to them, if you have sex with someone of the same sex, you're a fag! Charming, aren't they.  What they also fail to understand is that pedophiles are creatures of opportunity who want to derive power from the abuse of their victims.  Like priests in the Catholic Church, Boy Scout Masters are only  usually around young males/boys, so naturally, the opportunities afforded the pedophile are of the same sex.  Sadly, many  people, having never read anything other than the buybull and other 'authorized' literature, will believe this tweet and the subsequent article linked; which, by the way, makes no mention of whether the perpetrators were homosexual, just that the abusers were themselves male.  Again, why let facts get in the way of a good lie or defamation of an entire minority.  The TTM does what it does, you decide......

Original tweet:


Although we laugh at such people, they must still be seen as a danger to all.

end of line......

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