Thursday, August 29, 2013

And now for some Frigide cheese......

Frigide Barjot.  Normally there would be a cute nickname to go with hers but, Frigide is frigid so there's really no point in it. For those of you out there who are unawares of Ms. Barjot, she's the french harpy who lead the ill fated, much laughed at 'manif pour touts' protests in France...featuring the gayest anti-gay group on the planet, "Hommen".   Like the Vichy of old, Ms. Barjot marshaled the disaffected youth, the religious bigots and the usual racist rabble of Paris into a "force" to fight that dreaded disease: same sex marriage.  Is it right to question why, given all the other things happening in the world, almost every right wingnut on the planet is stuck on what gays do in their day to day lives.....OCD perhaps?  Either way, Ms. Barjot is as staunch a LGBT hater as anyone, just ask Vladimir Putin of Russia, who once lauded Barjot for her efforts. Birds of a feather one supposes.  The thing about Barjot is, she doesn't know when she's lost the fight, and 'manif pour tout' did lose the fight.  Same sex marriage is about to be the law of the land and, instead of accepting the loss with a degree of grace or, at least, class, Barjot decides: Let's do it again!  As has been said many times before: "if these people put as much energy into helping others and fighting for real causes, the world would be a better place.......what a waste".  Quite right.

NOTE: Ms. Barjot tweets in french so the TTM, ever the translator will be offering both languages for your enjoyment and edification.

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By the way, what the hell is filiation?

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