Thursday, August 29, 2013

.....and on that note.....D'uh

D'uh.  It's the only pseudo-word that best describes this latest WTF from, you guessed, Brian "brownshirt" Brown.  Now, we know Brian has a cork up is anal canal regarding anything gay, most of all, gay marriage but this tweet really does fall flat.....on his face.  The tweet was generated by Brown because an article he has on the NOM site says men and women are not just different, no, they also think differently.  Are you shocked? apparently Brian is; but so were we, in so much as within the article was an admission that GASP, we have primate cousins.....something the religious right have denied for THAT was a shock.  Adding stupid to the D'uh that is this tweet is the argument Brown makes in linking this salient, and very obvious reality, fact as somehow the penultimate of 
arguments against same-sex marriage.  Of course, it has zero effect or value but hey, why let a good slight of hand got to waste......his mindless followers would believe him if he said the sky was purple so who's he trying to convince.....himself we think.  TTM, do your stuff.......

Original tweet:


Men and Women are different......and in other news the sky is, in fact, blue.

end of line.....

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