Friday, November 1, 2013

Christmas is in the Constitution?? Who knew???

And Jingle Bells is the actual anthem of the United States.  Sometimes, you really do have to wonder about the medication and psychiatric treatment people of faith must be getting.  Case in point, our continuing source of laughter and mockery, Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer.  In a tweet that screams "I really am delusional", Fischer contends that, brace yourself, Christmas is in the constitution of the United States.  Why? Because it apparently is dated from the very first Christmas.  It took us a minute to understand that claim until we realized; what Fischer was claiming was: because the words 'Year of our Lord' appear in the constitution's signature line and that the usage of those words means that Christmas, the 'beginning' of the Christian Calendar, is implied in the constitution. We know, our head hurt a bit trying to wrap around that bit of twisted logic.  But there it is, Fischer's contention, tweeted for all to see.  We, of course, mock his assertion as do the two blog sites in which he desperately tries to allude are, somehow, helping him get the word out. Again, as we mentioned in the intro, one wonders about the meds and treatment.  That said, the TTM happily does its duty........

Original tweet


Nurse! Valium, Prozak, something...STAT!

end of line.....

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