Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Power of Christ Compels shut the fuck up!

It's All Hallows Eve so, sadly, much of the tweeterverse is in "shutdown/getting the kids ready" mode and thus, the offerings from the right were slim to say the least.  That said, one glimmer of stupid was spotted and, wouldn't you know it, it's Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer!  

As many of you are aware, our friend Bryan is all about Christianity....but did you know, he's also all about the concept of demon possession and exorcism? We knew he was but, given exorcism is pretty much a Catholic gig and Fischer is rabidly anti-Catholic, we were rather surprised he would advocate it's usage. Proof once again, that hatred of Obama is the great unifier among Right-Wingnuts, Religious kooks and KKKristian douchebags......we probably shouldn't characterize them that way but given the ever increasing screeches of hate and anti-gay animus we're not, at the moment, inclined to be generous or understanding. 

So here it is, Bryan's Halloween tweet.  Is it wrong that we were hoping for something more anti-pagan.....apologies, we digress. Anyway, Bryan tweets that the 2016 Presidential election must produce a Christian, and only a Christian, President.  Fair enough we suppose but, and this is where it gets all Catholic and weird, Fischer also want a group of Christian Clergy to "exorcise" the White House.....because, you know, a black family lived there.  What Fischer is trying to imply is rather vague: A) Is it because Obama is indeed the Anti-Christ? B) Is it because Michele Obama wore sleeveless tops? C) Is it because Obama and his family aren't rabid, frothing at the mouth haters?  Oh, who are we kidding, it's all 3 and more.  Seriously though, exorcism?? We get that Fischer and most 'angry white men' hate having a black president who won't play step'n'fetchit like Allen "War Criminal" West does but, there has to be a limit to the idiocy to which these people cling to.....then again, we are talking about people who sincerely believe the world is only 6000 years old and that Noah's Ark really happened.  

It's a sad commentary on the modern conditio that such bronze age, supernatural nonsense would still be de rigeur, but here we are. It's 2013, the 21st Century and still we are treated to a display of utter ignorance and obvious bias. That the term exorcism is even being uttered in public and worse, taken seriously by some, is both worrisome and disturbing.  What's next, witch trials and burnings at the stake.....if Fischer and ilk had their way, we have to wonder.  Anyway, here's how we chose to deal with Fischer's fantasy and, for those of you who are enjoying this wonderfully fright filled night......Happy Halloween!!!
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The power of the TTM compels you.

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