Monday, October 7, 2013

Yes, because only Islam is fucked up when it comes to marriages.........

Oh dear, poor Pamela "ipish" Geller, forever lamenting Islam while simultaneously ignoring Christianity and Judaism.  You see, Pam has a fetish about Islam.  We, of course, would say it's a psychotic fixation but haven't had the chance to have her properly diagnosed.  That said, here were have Ms. Geller doing her usual shtick of slamming the Islamic practice of marrying off young girls to men.  Now, lest anyone think we agree with such barbaric practices, we don't.  We do, however, take issue with her once again being selective as to what religious practices she finds immoral or unacceptable.  Further, her denial of child/arranged marriages among Jews and Christians, makes her tweet all the more cynical.  The TTM couldn't let her tweet go unanswered.

Original tweet

She's got one hell of a fakakta brain.

end of line.......

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