Monday, October 7, 2013

Negative effects???

Dear Gawd, will the stupid ever end in the Republican party?  Short answer: NO.  Here is another example of the dumb that exists inside the GOP.  Senator Rand Paul, a member of the Tea Party/Libertarian wing of the GOP, is tweeting about the 'compromises' he and the GOP are offering to the Democrats and Pres. Obama.  He further states that these compromises are to stop the negative effects of Obamacare.  Problem is, Obamacare, or more accurately the Affordable Care Act, hasn't even gone into effect.....thus, the question needs to be asked: what negative effects?  If that's not enough, Paul's tweet smells of smug self-importance that is indicative of white male privilege.....not a surprise really.  The reality is this: The bill was voted on, it was signed into law, it was vetted and confirmed by the Supreme Court as being constitutional. These are the facts of the situation and yet, the republican party seems hell bent on stopping parts or all of the law from being enacted.  The why is sadly obvious: they want the poor to die and the rich to have their money.  It's real class warfare on a cynically large scale.  The TTM and most civilized people find this nonsense insane.

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White, Rich, Religious and Racist.

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