Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What is this, ancestor.nazi?

Oh how we love Allen "War Criminal" West and his stunted sense of humour.  Better still, we love his use of Godwin's law and how he tries to be ever so clever.  With that in mind, we came across one of West's most bizarre, unfunny and completely dishonest tweets.  In the tweet, West first declares with gusto that, the following information he'll be imparting, is truth! Secondly, he attempts to use humour to tie President Obama to a fictional Nazi Sgt from the 60's TV series, Hogan's Heroes.  Lastly, he equates Obama's intelligence to that of Sgt. Schultz......because Obama is apparently an imbecile.  

Bad enough that West is, himself, a delusional moron but, to equate a man who went from humble beginnings, to Harvard Law and then President of the United States as "knowing nothing", speaks volumes to the insignificance of West's position and West as a man.  West is a war criminal and a coward and, unlike his unsubstantiated assertions about Obama, his record is readily available for perusal. Further, where no comparison can be made to Obama and the Nazi's, the same cannot be said of West.  Given his penchant for continually lying, he can easily be compared to a Nazi expert at lying, that being Joseph Goebbels.  With that in mind, the TTM offers a more accurate and honest tweet that better reflect West's very fascist viewpoint.........

Original tweet


Nazi see, Nazi do

end of line........

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