Thursday, October 10, 2013

They may be onto something.........

"Oh Islam, how I hate you but sometimes wish we we're more like you" No, Dennis "not such a menace" Miller didn't actually say that but, given his far-right attitude towards those not "normal", one suspects he occasionally considers the idea.  In the following tweet, Miller tweets about his recent stint on that bastion of all things "Fair and Balanced", the Bill O'Reilly show.  Of course, anyone with single digit brain cells is aware of just how truthful that particular program is, that  On O'Reilly Miller uses his usual snark to slam congress, John Kerry (Miller still sees him as ineffectual because of a shirt he's wearing) and the idea of Muslim countries banning gays.  It's on the last subject that Miller shows his ever dishonest disdain for his fellow human beings; although one wonders if he or O'Reilly even consider gays to be human at all.  According to Miller, Muslims are secretly gay and closeted......because they're all sexually repressed. We wouldn't necessarily disagree if it were not for Miller and O'Reilly's past comments regarding LGBT people. Miller is known for his skill at couching his real disgust for gays while sounding almost kind.  It's a skill worthy of praise were it not for the vile nature of Miller's delivery and snide subtext. Like most 'entertainers' on the right, Miller's career has faltered, not for lack talent, Miller has talent but, sadly, he has allowed his irrational politics to infect his discourse.  To be sure, there are those on the left who are equally blinded by ideology but they at least know enough to keep their more radical views to themselves. Miller despises Muslims, at least publicly but, one has to wonder what he really thinks......after all, he basically accuses them of being gay.....and being gay is far worse than being Muslim......right?

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Yes, those on the right surely would.

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