Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sean Penn isn't the only one.........

Seriously, Sean Penn isn't the only one who thinks America's favourite squeaky toy isn't a stupid and insane crackpot. You almost feel sorry for Victoria "Squeaky" Jackson but, truth be told, she brings much of the derision she receives upon herself.  With her 'beyond belief' claims and wildly disjointed "logic", it's a wonder she's never had to submit to a psychiatric evaluation. Stupid is a strong word but if the shoe fits. As for insane, well in all honesty, we would debate that particular diagnosis.......we prefer cognitively impaired. In her tweet, Jackson states that Sean Penn thinks she's both stupid and insane; and then, proceeds to post a video of Penn on Piers Morgan, saying those very words.  We're not sure why this bothers Jackson given that she is clearly nuts but, we suspect, it may be the lack of attention she's been treated to. No one of integrity or gravitas wants to hear her and those who do are, how shall we put this.....equally nuts. Time to pack up the tin foil hats Vicky and accept that you're just not that special anymore.  

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