Thursday, October 10, 2013

RUSSIA, the way America should be.....

.....well, that's what Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer seems to be implying with his newest tweet.  Here we see Fischer whining ever so about President Obama being not as friendly to Christians as President Putin of Russia.  Ok, we'll let you take that in for a moment. And what exactly is it about Obama that has Fischer tweeting that Russia is better for Christians than the U.S.? Well, simply put, Obama understands the concept of Religion being separate from Government. Seriously, that's it.  You see, Fischer is a Christian Dominionist. They believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible and, more frighteningly, they believe that Biblical admonitions should be the law of the land.......translation: Killing gays, beating women or having slaves would be, not only appropriate but pious and correct. don't think so.  Fischer's hard-on for bronze age legal statutes and punitive codes is something that many should be wary of.  Sadly, Russia seems intent of going down that road.  With the anti-gay propaganda law already in place and the "child removal" law about to be debated, Russia is looking more and more like paradise to the likes of Fischer.  Funny, isn't it? Less than 30 years ago, Russia was the evil empire and now? an apparent beacon of Christianity......albeit the far-right, WTF kind of Christianity.  Спасибо товарищу Fischer!

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