Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Personification of the C-word says what now?

Oh lord, look who it is!!! America's favourite C-word person......out of deference to many a fine and respectable woman, we will not use the word itself.....but you get the point.  Ever the puerile shit disturber of completely fabricated 'facts', our friend Ann "Callous Cow" Coulter finds new and fun ways to obfuscate while being a complete racist in the process.  Witness here one of her milder screed-tweets. She equates Obamacare as being on par with calling for "Death to America".  Has this woman ever had training in reading comprehension or, at the very least, basic critical thinking.  It is claimed that Ms. Coulter earned a law degree but, given her rather feeble display of what can euphemistically be called intellect, one has to wonder if most of her work in College was on her back or knees rather than in a library. Either way, the TTM deals with her obfuscation easily enough......

Original tweet


Nasty, Evil woman.......ewww, yucky, pooh

end of line.......

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