Thursday, October 24, 2013

Military GOOD....Military BAD......

Mr. Fischer, persecution complex on line 3............Oh that Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer, what a guy. Always finding new and exciting ways to fortify his self-inflicted persecution complex.  In a tweet today, our intrepid 'Martyr for Christ', is finding the training at Fort Hood, TX a bit disconcerting.  Why? well, the military has decided that, after the debacle that was Katrina and other recent disasters, they would begin training units to respond as needed to such events. From supply chain logistics to urban pacification to riot control.  To the rational observer, this would appear a wise course to take in ensuring the safety of all civilians during a time of crisis.  Not so for Bryan....oh no, for Bryan, this has all the earmarks of TYRANNY!  The fact that this training has been going on since the late 60's is lost on Fischer but, you know who is President and well......'he's a Muslim, Kenyan, America hating black guy so, naturally, he's instigated this training for his own nefarious plans.' Whoa there Bryan, slow down, take a breather, masturbate to Jesus if that will help. Reality and Bryan have rarely ever met and when they have, reality usually calls for a time out and sends Bryan to a corner.  This might be one of those times again, how else to explain the petulant nature of the tweet. That all said, the TTM clarifies Bryan's sentiment......which is still one fucked up view.

Original tweet


Ok Bryan, step away from the keyboard.....meds time.

end of line......

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