Thursday, October 24, 2013

Abolish rules? roles? but I like role playing........

Yes, yes he does and he does it so well.  Brian 'brownshirt' Brown is a tad upset because his role playing days are coming to an end.......we wish.  You see, Brian has it in his thick, overly larded skull that, because a small minority of people who aren't just like him can get married, he will suddenly lose his role as: a male, a husband, a father and an American Christian.  Seriously, he really believes that.....scary, we know.  Allowing people of the same sex to take part in marriage, in no way diminishes heterosexual marriages.....unless, of course, they weren't strong to begin with. How Brian will suddenly become a neutered figure in his own marriage is lost on us but, according to him, if you change the rules & the roles, everything will fall apart. Problem for Brian is, it's not going to happen.  Listen Brian, we get it, you hate the idea of other people having the rights, privileges and responsibilities you have.  Having them makes you feel special, unique even. The problem; however, is marriage is not, nor has it ever been, the sole purview of straight people.  Many cultures throughout history have had same-sex unions and marriages and yet, after thousands of years, men are still husbands, women are still wives.......the rules and roles remain intact.  No Brian, changing the law to allow marriage for same-sex couples does nothing nor does it abolish anything.  The only person changing rules and roles is you; and you do so in your own mind.

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Seriously.....get off, someone needs the wood.

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