Tuesday, October 1, 2013

If you don't like facts......make shit up.

Lord knows, if anyone understands the notion of creating dubious facts to suit their argument, it's perennial douche Bryan "lyin' fissure" Fischer.  In this tweet, Bryan skillfully notes that, were it not for "alternative" media, the shutdown today would have been somehow, the same as that in 1996......except, a government shutdown is a government shutdown......doesn't matter who reports it.  Of course, what Fischer is really talking about is the reasons behind the shutdown; that's where the 'alternative' media comes in.  Thanks to Rupert "I'll do anything for money" Murdoch and Fox News, the facts have now been re-invented, re-edited and re-packaged for the low-information, dim-witted 'Murikans.  The facts of the shutdown are clear, a minority of Teabagger House Reps are holding up a budget bill because they still insist on re-fighting Obamacare.......you would think after 40 plus times they'd get the hint but, nope.  So out comes Fox, AFA and others to scare the citizenry and gin up the rhetoric to the point of apoplexy.  The sad, pathetic reality is, all of this grandstanding is the ploy of one man: Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.  This is about his desire to be seen a real 'Murikan, anything to shake off the fact he's Canadian born.  Anyway, here's Fischer doing his shtick......the TTM makes easy work of it......


Fixed News or Faux Noise, it's all the same BS

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