Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Anything to appear relevant.......

We have a new member of the TTM cycle, Louie "HUH?" Gohmert.  Now we have to say, Gohmert truly is a special kind dumb, in ways that even Michelle Bachmann might find stunning.......think on that for a moment.  Well, here we have the ever irrelevant and laughable Gohmert trying his damnedest to be taken seriously.......sadly, all this tweet does do is confirm his cynical use of the military for the purposes of appearing more 'American'.  It's trite and ever so obvious.......embarrassing really.  Cheap theatrics from man who specializes in cheap shots.  Do what you feel you must Louie but, truth is, you're a joke in a cheap suit.


Using the military to my advantage.

end of line.......

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