Friday, October 11, 2013

If everyone would just be the same, there'd be no bullying.....

So says our intrepid Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer......he's on a roll today.  Here we have the ever intelligent Fischer musing on what ails the world and, specifically, what ails bullying programs.  You see, Bryan is of the notion that: if only everyone was the same, there would  be zero problem.  No bullying. No violence. No nothing. All that's required is complete assimilation.  Well Bryan, not to put a damper on your fantasy but, we're not the Borg and your certainly aren't our queen.......although some have speculated that you might indeed be 'family'.....given your more than ample protestations against the gays......yes, we know, we digress. Anyway, here we have the genius that is Bryan Fischer espousing the virtues of sameness for the sake of ending bullying. 'Why point out the uniqueness of different cultures?', it only stimulates bullying.  Odd word usage don't you think? 'Stimulate', sounds positively erotic and no doubt, Fischer masturbates at the thought of gays, blacks and 'others' being bullied or killed.  We here at the TTM make no apologies for accusing Fischer of advocating murder because, truth be told, he has much blood on his hands and this tweet proves he wants more.  It's a disgusting tweet that speaks to the bassist of tribalism but, then again, Fischer belongs to one of the most tribal and xenophobic groups out there: Christians.  NOTE: As we end this prose, we would be remiss if we didn't point out that when we use the term Christian in our commentary, we are specifically dealing with those who are far right-wing.  There are many decent and inclusive people of the Christian faith for whom we have the greatest of respect.  They are also deeply troubled by Fischer and his ilk.  

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Bitch please! You just wanna hate.

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