Monday, October 7, 2013

Hypocrite 101

Oh that 'ipish' Pamela, always fixated on what Muslims do while ignoring what others do. Here we have Pamela doing her very best whine about how unfair and mean Muslims are when it comes to Christians. Now, the TTM agrees that no one should be expelled from a village, town or country, simply for having a different religion. That said, Pamela conveniently forgets her own words and the calls from Right wingers, Jewish groups and Evangelicals regarding their desire to expel Muslims from the U.S.  Geller, like most on the right are ever so eager to point out the negatives of Islam yet have absolutely no cognitive understanding of their own hypocrisy.  Religious persecution is wrong, regardless of who does it........sadly, all religions believe they're right while everyone else is wrong.  Geller is no exception to this blind spot and her constant displays of hypocritical bullshit, make her an easy target for satire and ridicule.....deservedly so. 

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Yup, that's how I roll...uh...bagel?

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