Wednesday, October 30, 2013

He's all class........

Class is something one is born into, taught or innately understands......and then there's people like Allen 'War Criminal' West. In his continuing effort to become the top 'House-negro' of the republican party, our favourite disgraced military munchkin, Allen, has tweeted a funny......or so he thinks. Sometimes it's hard to tell what exactly it is about President Obama that Allen hates so much but, we suspect, it's more jealousy, less policy.  Now, lest any of you find the term 'House-negro' offensive, you should understand the meaning behind it. Anyone who has seen the film Django Unchained will recognize the character of 'Stephen' in the persona of Allen West. Like Stephen, Allen is the ultimate step'n'fetchit, the ultimate suck-up to the master of the house......the 'house' in this case being the far-right wing of the republican party.  We at the TTM believe that the term is both appropriate and correctly used and, as such, although we recognize it may cause some discomfort, we will not apologize for its use in this case.  As for the tweet, it's a puerile attempt at humour that is both sophomoric and petulant.  Of course, Allen makes sure that he peppers his sad attempt with homophobic flare and innuendo......what is it with these supposed straight men and their fixation on gay sex? Regardless of his tasteless attempt, the TTM happily 'whips' the tweet into shape....thus reflecting more accurately on the classy guys who wrote it.

Original tweet

Stay classy

end of line.......

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