Saturday, October 12, 2013

Disingenuous Mormon says what now??

Oh that Glenn "The Mormon Moron" Beck, such a kidder or should we say, who does he think he's kidding?  Beck is attending the VVS and the phony Koch Brother's astro-turf organization FreedomWorks rally this weekend in which like minded people of questionable intellect are gathering.  And, as is wont with such a gathering, tweets by twits are 'de rigeur.' A glaring example of the twitty tweeting comes in the form of an incredibly disingenuous tweet from Beck in regards to equality and individualism......we know, we couldn't believe the word 'equal' could even be uttered by Beck without his bursting into flame.  In the tweet, which is actually a Re-tweet, Beck espouses the idea of all men being equal and that the individual is most important.......and yet, it's plain to see to anyone who has heard Beck on his radio show or read his screeds in The Blaze that he doesn't buy one word of what the tweet says. As a rabid homophobe and religious zealot, Beck is hardly a believer in equality for all, let alone the idea of individuals being most important.  The TTM quickly takes cares of clarifying the confusion.......

Original tweet


Yeah, that's what thought you meant to say.

end of line........

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