Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This shit is just creepy.......

Ok NOM, we get, you're all about the one man, one woman marriage shtick but this? Really? We can't understand what NOM was trying to do here except, like the recent Koch Brother Anti-Obamacare ads, whatever it was, it comes across as creepy.  Ok, so you want to save marriage for future generations but what the picture says is, we want to start'em young.  It smacks of arranged marriages and, in our eyes, borders on child porn given the context.  The picture is actually from a catalog of children's formal attire, but as we said, in the context of this tweet.....<shudder>.  It really is that creepy.  Anyway, we thought we'd share this tweet only because, as we've said already.....CREEPY.

Original tweet:


Still gives us the creeps

end of line......

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