Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tattoo or Abortion......I just can't decide.

So here's one for the WTF prize of the week.  OMM (One Million Moms AKA One Million Shrews) is all concernstipated about a propose Washington DC law that would require a waiting period of 24 hrs for getting a tattoo.  Seems innocuous enough but not for the Shrews, oh no.  You see, in their twisted and ever so fucked up view of the world, getting a tattoo is as painfully gut-wrenching and difficult a decision as getting an abortion: apparently most abortions are just a whim.  It's a vulgar ploy and dishonest comparative that is deserving of much derision.  As always, the Shrews, ever subservient to men, are taking their cue from the author of the whiny article; one Charlie Butts.....yes, it's his real name.  Anyway, it's just so incredibly insulting to the many women who have had to make a choice, for whatever reason.  It cheapens a serious subject and compares it to body art.  Ignorance in action.

Original tweet:


Apples and Oranges are the same.....don't ya know.

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