Tuesday, September 17, 2013

If they had the courage of their convictions......

the people at NOM would leave the Internet.  Seriously, they would......but they won't.  Now why might you ask do we offer this thought?  Well, it has to do with a tweet Brian "brownshirt" Brown just sent out in regards to companies who support LGBT rights and offer benefits accordingly.  Specifically, Brown laments the top 5 companies that are "friends" of LGBT's.......apparently LGBT's aren't supposed to have friends. We didn't get the memo either.  Anyhow, here's Brian doing his whaaaambulance whine over companies being decent and basically calling on a boycott; which brings us to our original thought.  You see, even though Brown lists 5 in his article, there are other companies who are equally LGBT friendly, among them: Microsoft, Google and Yahoo.  Now, as we pointed out, if Brown and NOM had the courage of their convictions, you would think they would call for a boycott of the Internet, given their "friendly" approach to LGBT's.  Of course, we all know that that is NEVER going to happen and yet, the whine about the other 5. Such obvious bullshit is need dire need of a call out and we are happy to oblige.

Original tweet:


Sorry to see you go.....what, you're not leaving?

end of line......

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