Friday, September 20, 2013

Sodomy, oh sodomy.....

Oh Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer, how we love thee......let us count the ways.......on second thought, let's not.  Sodomy, a word that, in the minds of Bryan and others like him, invoke butt sex, fudge packing and other euphemistic terms meaning anal intercourse. True, sodomy does include anal sex, but it also includes oral sex, non-penetrative sex, frottage, cunnilingus, analingus and various other non-procreative sexual activities.  Translation: all the really good stuff.  For Bryan however, it just means fag-fucking, a term we use with a smile, if only to throw their bias back in their faces.  Anyhow, today Bryan tweeted about how his column is up (insert erection joke here, we did below) about 'sodomy' based marriage being legal in all 50 states.  Of course, what he meant to say, we're sure, was that the federal government is simply allowing those who marry in a different state from their resident state, to benefit from certain marital rights and tax standards. That's all.  No national declaration of legal same-sex marriage, just an acknowledgement by the federal government that certain rights, on a federal level, will now apply. Of course, the distinction between states rights and federal law has always been difficult for Bryan to understand but, then again, he's never been one for facts, let alone reality.  And the reality is, same-sex couples can marry in 13 states.  As such, the federal government, as the government of all the United States, must comply, respect and deliver all the rights due to those in same-sex marriages.  No fuss, no muss......and certainly, no blanket legalization of same-sex marriage.  Dishonesty and duplicity seem to go hand in hand with people like Fischer......just ask Peter "Porno Pete" Lababera.

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...and you lie so well....Obsess much?

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