Saturday, August 31, 2013

When having nothing left to offer.........

Obfuscate, distract or just do something cheap.  Cheap.  A word who's meaning has many folds; inexpensive, not costing much, frugal, dour or sleaze.  Now, given the TTM is talking about a Tammy "the whammy" Bruce tweet, which definition do you think is appropriate......if you guessed sleaze, you win.  Once again, the twitterverse is awash in a Tammy Bruce tweet of such power, such prosaic strength, such utterly undeniable........ok, the TTM has to's beginning to hurt itself with laughter.  It's no secret that Tammy Bruce, a woman who uses her Jewish ancestry as a shield whenever anyone criticizes her, has had hate on for Pres. Obama since it was revealed he was an Islamic, black panther, ninja assassin plant.  Of course, he's none of that but why let rational thought get in the way of a good racially bias excuse to attack the first ever black President of the United States.  Anyone with eyes can see that, from the get go, Obama has been pilloried with racist, religious and yes, homophobic bias......apparently he's not just all of those things they believe but, he's secretly gay too....just ask Jerome Corsi.  Given what's happening right now with Syria and a possible attack by the U.S. (based on facts as opposed to that rousing truth-fest known as Iraq), Tammy and others in the right wing twittersphere are well, all a twitter.  So much is their angst and anger that they are becoming speechless (if only it were permanent).  So, instead of the usual cacophony of shrill half-truths, we get this bit of puerile punditry.  Actually, the cartoon is funny in so much as it reveals just how sad the right is at being clever.  But, judge for yourself:

Original tweet:


What a Klafte.

end of line......

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