Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's all about the that is.

Money......cold hard know, the real god of America, at least the right in America. For them, it's always about money, unless of course the money in question is being used to benefit them, then hell, sky's the limit.  But when it's being used to prevent a war crime or some other such humanitarian goal, suddenly, it's far too precious to use.  The Lord of Rings Gollum wasn't as fixated on the ring as republicans are on the greenback.  And it is in this vein that this tweet from Bryan "lyin' fissure' Fischer reeks of blatant hypocrisy and selective memory.  Obama's predecessor put not one but two wars on the national credit card, thus burning away the rather comfortable surplus left by Pres. Clinton.  Adding insult to injury, the war in Iraq was perpetrated on a lies and manufactured evidence, facts that are now common knowledge.  It's in this reality that the tweet from Fischer takes on a disingenuous odour.  Not much more can be said except......

Original tweet:


That's right, we do not talk about "the Bush"

end of line......

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