Tuesday, August 27, 2013

If it's HIV, it must be Tuesday.......

HIV, the scourge of our times.  It discriminates not at all.  Straight, Gay, Black, White, Man, Woman and Child.  It's a disease that attacks not only the body but, in many ways, the soul itself.  Now you would think that a good Christian like Porno Pete would be somewhat Christ-Like in his worldview or, at least, offer up to date, factual points of contention.....but no.  What we get instead is a tweet directing a @jontando to visit a website called FairFoundation.org.  Problem is, FairFoundation.org is a shell site for the dissemination of disinformation disguised as a legitimate medical advocacy site.  It reeks of self-righteous indignation coupled with a not so subtle jab at gays......as if only they have HIV.  Quite disgusting really.  So, as is wont with TTM, here's a more honest translation:

Original tweet:


Thou shalt not bear false witness - one of them there commandments

end of line......

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