Monday, August 26, 2013

Are you Putin me on?

That's right! Our favourite new Uber-Homophobe, Vlad "The Impotent Impaler" Pultin is on twitter and, well, the TTM just loves itself some good old fashioned Russian Czarist type bullying.  Putin as some of you may know, made his bones (many buried throughout Russia I'm told) in the KGB.  From there he moved on to more civilized pursuits, including blackmail, thuggery and, some believe, assassination......say it ain't so Vlad, say it ain't so.  Anyway, Vlad tweeted this tidbit......he's made a list and he's checking it twice.  Well, the TTM seems to think so.  So without further ado.......

Original tweet:


We all know he was thinking it.

end of line.......

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