Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Quit STALIN and tell us what you really think........

Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Genghis Khan and Barack Obama: all totalitarian, tyrannical rulers......or so says Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer.  Ok, so he didn't name names but who's he kidding?

In a rather petulant tweet today, Bryan wailed about Pres. Obama being a totalitarian and wondered: who will stop him? Never one to go over-the-top (snark), Bryan implies that, because Pres. Obama has gotten his way on some legislation on his agenda, he must be a tyrant, a modern day Stalin or Hitler or Caesar.  Of course, Bryan conveniently ignores the reality of the situation so as to gin up his base and ratchet up the rhetoric for his, coming soon, money beg.  It's that time of year after all.  Pres. Obama is getting his way on some of the things he wanted to get done and he does so through the constitutionally mandated method: Congress, the Senate and, where applicable, the Supreme Court.  This however, doesn't seem to sit well with much so that, he's taken to seeing storm troopers outside his window at night.  Someone should tell him it's one Prozac at night, not four.  

Irony being what it is, Bryan, ever one to castigate and denigrate gays as being to 'queeny', comes off as a bigger Drama Queen than any offending gay caricature is small mind can conceive......we can't help but enjoy the deliciousness of the situation.  That all said, the TTM does what it does and reveals the truth behind the tantrum.......

Original tweet


Oy! what a putz.

end of line........

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