Sunday, November 3, 2013

Foundational principle??

Society is founded on Christian says many a Teatard or Republican. The fact that society, as a construct, existed long before Christianity seems lost on these people; but, then again, we are dealing with people who think marriage has always been between one man and one woman......even though their 'go to' book says otherwise.  Solomon had hundreds of wives, Abraham had himself a couple, and let's not forget, Abraham also had some daughter issues as well.  

Why do we bring all this up? Well, it would appear that our stalwart defender of "traditional" marriage, Allen "War Criminal" West, is taking exception to a couple being married at West Point.....oh, did we mention they're two men? You see, according to West, a scholar on all things principled, such a ceremony is somehow redefining marriage which, again according to expert West, is the very foundation of society. The problem, of course, is that marriage as it is now practiced is not at all the foundation of construct of marriage is. The foundation of society has been, and always will be, basic tribal formation and socialization.  Marriage is merely a part of the greater whole. 

Marriage, both the word and the sacrament, are not even Christian in origin. Until the ascent of Christianity in the Roman Empire, marriage or 'matrimonium' as it was called, was a civil contract sworn under the auspices of the Roman Gods Bacchus and Janus.  More importantly, the ceremony was offered to heterosexuals and homosexuals alike. The practice was observed for the almost 800 years of Pagan faith in Rome but was, as some have argue, corrupted by the introduction of Christianity. The idea that marriage is unique to Christianity or that it is, somehow, rigidly defined in narrow terms of one man, one woman, is intellectually and historically dishonest. 

It is with these facts in mind, that the TTM takes issue with West's assertion.  So much so that, the TTM decided to better reflect West's melodramatic hyperbole......

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Hypocrite indeed.

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