Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oh No He Didn't.......

Sometimes.....a facepalm will not do.......and this is just such an occasion.  The following tweet is by Pastor Foster who, if you believe his resume, is all things to all long as they're Christian, Straight, Republican and Misogynist.  Yes sir, what we have here is an honest to goodness sinner for Christ.  We use that characterization because, frankly, this man lies.....A LOT! In the near future, we will be sharing just how much this so called 'man of god' is actually a deceptive creature worthy of the other fiction perpetuated by the religious; that being the devil.  Here we have the 'Pastor' whining about the liberal media whining.  It's just so delicious, isn't it?  What is even more painful about this tweet is the notion that, basically, the 'Pastor' is calling for the removal of the "liberal" media's 1st amendment rights; that being free speech.  One has to wonder of the 'Pastor' even has any basic critical thinking skills or education.  Seriously 'Pastor', do you not see to obvious irony of you whining about others whining? and further, do you not see an even greater irony of calling for the denial of free speech by those who share a different view than Stalin of you. Fact is, like most uber-Christian conservatives, Pastor Foster believes that only one view is permissible or allowed, that of the Bible.  The TTM has to ask: Pastor Foster, have you read the Constitution?  Clearly not.

Original tweet:

As they would say in the 'hood, Nigga Please!

end of line.......

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