Monday, October 28, 2013

Hi, call me Nukem!

Allen "War Criminal" West seems to be itching for a fight.....of course, given his record as a coward who talks tough but walks wimpy, one has to wonder what exactly this tweet is meant to do.  Here we have West trying ever so much to put the "THUG" in rethuglican.  Problem is, West is neither an elected official nor does, in any way, consult with or for, the republican party; hence our laughter.  To make matters worse, West irresponsibly advocates a nuclear strike against a sovereign nation which, regardless of political differences, has not committed any act against the U.S. directly.  West is a war criminal & a coward: this tweet merely confirms the charge.  He's gutless, racist, homophobic and a misogynist; this makes him worthy of derision and ridicule........and the TTM is only to happy to oblige.

Original tweet


Bravery through, what a manly man.

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