Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Winning the game........

Poor Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer, always finding ways to display his complete lack of basic logic and understanding.  In this case,  the confusion comes in the form of a poorly thought our metaphor involving sports, particularly: Basketball (A sport invented by a Canadian no less......but don't tell Bryan).
In this tweet, Bryan erroneously compares the winning of a general election as being only the tip off, or start, of a game.  In this metaphorical case, the Celtics and the Lakers.  Problem is, the metaphor doesn't work, in fact, it falls flat on it's proverbial face.  The problem? Well, if Bryan had any knowledge of sports metaphors, he would understand that the tip off/start of the election game would be the primaries, hell, we'd go further and say it would be the announcing of one's candidacy.  The game itself would be the campaigning and the election results would be the final score. Got that Bryan?  Point is, Obama DID win the election and he did so campaigning on his Health Care plan and other important issues.  If the American people did not want Obamacare, they had their opportunity to decline but, knowing the position and policies of Mr. Obama, they voted him back into the White House.  It would seem a clear cut victory and mandate, certainly not a tip off or start of a game...for republicans, more like bad foul after the buzzer.  

Secondly, Fischer disparages McCain for 'surrendering'.  What surrender? As we stated, the President made his case to the people during the election. Just because McCain defers does not mean surrender, one could argue that he understands that being obstructionist for the sake of being so, is actually bad for the U.S. Something to consider Bryan.

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Apple meet Orange.

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