Tuesday, September 17, 2013

When all else fails.....Obfuscate

Ah, Bryan "Lyin' Fissure" Fischer, always good for nice bit of cruel innuendo and out right lying.  In this tweet, Fischer contends that Matthew Sheppard's murder was actually a lover's spat...I kid you not.  Like Jerome "Obama is really gay" Corsi, Fischer tries to validate a disgraced wannabe ABC reporter's 'account' and 'revelation' of what really happened in Laramie, WY.  Of course, like most obfuscating screeds, facts are sorely lacking in this "book."  What makes it all the more offensive is the claim in the book that Sheppard was a Meth-head and a hooker......classy.....he's dead so let's murder his reputation for the sake of scoring points with the right-wing religious zealots.  It's beyond cynical, it's cruel; but hey, it's Fischer, it's Christians, it's 'Murika.  Now, most rational people in America and the world will not buy into this vile lie.  Sadly, many other will.  For the Sheppard family, this will be another wound they will have to endure but, we suspect they will do so with the same grace and class they have always shown.  Shame on Fischer and Stephen Jimenez. What will really burn is that Jimenez is gay.  His reasons for doing this? simple.  It's no secret that Jimenez has been Jonesing for fame and, in 2004, he approached Judy Sheppard about writing the film script for Matthew's story.  Judy, picking up on Jimenez's duplicity, refused.  The result, an almost 10 year witch hunt. Sad thing is, this is common knowledge and yet, now that he has written the book, it's being seen as truth....even though the police, court records, evidence and eye witness accounts contradict the entire piece. As many times before, Fischer ignores the facts in favor of a fiction that fits his own, bigoted narrative. Disgusting........ 

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