Friday, September 27, 2013

Stop using facts.......

Poor Allen "Token" West, always upset with the media when they quote people verbatim or find facts that people may want to know about a potential candidate for office.  In this case, the candidate in question is none other than EW Jackson.  Jackson is running for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia and, as such, his past comments, deeds and policies are being vetted by the media.  This is not unusual really except, Jackson has a history and not a good one at that.  The media has been reporting about his ultra-religious notions of Christian Dominionism, his virulent anti-gay views and his having had a restraining order against him for "threatening to murder" his daughter's roommate. All this has got West's knickers in a knot.  The question is, why? The people of Virginia have a right to know that their potential Lt. Governor is a  loose cannon. West has always been an apologist for those on the far right who use violence laced language and actions so this really isn't a surprise.  What is a surprise, although not much of one, is that he would insinuate that this has everything to do with race and nothing to do with the facts.  It's what we here at the TTM call the "Palin Political Protestation Procedure."  The idea being that: 'how dare the media use facts on me.'  If West were smart, and that's a big IF, he would remain silent on the issue.  His tweet may have been meant to defend but, truth be told, it has simply opened up more questions about Jackson's suitability.

Original tweet:


Say what now?

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